How to do road marking lines with different width?

Want to change the width of the road marking lines? Different construction techniques, different ways.


What is the Role of Primer? Should I Buy a Primer Sprayer?

Primer is used to enhence the adhesion of thermoplastic road marking paint and ground, play a role similar to double-sided adhesive tape. Primer is just used for the thermoplastic road marking paint, not used for the other road marking paints ( cold solvent, water-based, etc) .


Spraying, Screeding, Convex, What is the Difference between Them?

Spraying, screeding, convex, they are the most common construction technology of road marking. There are many differences between them in the principle, paint, width, line style, construction speed, etc. Let us describe them in detail one by one. You can learn more about the construction technology of road marking by watching the road marking videos.


How to Pick Out the Right Road Marking Equipment?

Are there too many road marking equipment to choose from? Don't worry, if you get a road marking work, but not familiar with the road marking industry, please click here, tell us which paint do you use and where do you want to mark, leave your name, email and massage to us, we will give you the professional solution in 24 hours. Or you can read the following of this article to learn more about road marking industry and pick out the right road marking equipment for you.


Driving-type, Self-propelled, Hand-push, What do These Words Mean?

As you can see, in the title of our road marking machines, there are three high frequency words: driving-type, self-propelled, hand-push. For example, DY-BTSC driving-type thermoplastic screeding road marking machine, DY-SPT self-propelled thermoplastic screeding road marking machine, DY-HPT hand-push thermoplastic screeding road marking machine.


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